Accomodation in our Buildings

Price per night per Building

Scandinavian style cottage

Cottage size 44m2 with terrace, ktchen (kitchen equipment, dishes, refrigerator, stove), living room, bedroom and bathroom. Electric heating.

For more than 4 guests extra 300 CZK for each additional person.

* from 1.7.-31.8. minimum 3 nights stay

2.000 CZK


Cabin size 45m2 with terrace, kitchen (kitchen equipment, dishes, refrigerator, stove) and bedroom, fire stove 

For more than 4 guests extra 200 CZK for each additional person

* there is not water supply and waste in the cabin, water is in 20 liter canister with tap

1.500 CZK

Room in a cabin

Room of 18m2 with terrace for 2-3 guests (equipped with refrigerator and a kettle, outside kitchen) 

1.000 CZK

Fairytale straw-clay house

Romantic accomodation for 2 people with beautiful outdoor seating

1.000 CZK


Family tepee with a size of 5.5 m (diameter) equipped according to Indian traditions 

with cooking facilities and a seating area 

Own sleeping bags + we supply woolen blankets suitable for tepee

1.200 CZK

Family Tent

Capacity 4-5 person

The tent is equipped with inflatable beds, seating area, cooking facilities and electric connection 

Own sleeping bags 

900 CZK

Tribal Tepee

Tribal tepee is located aside in nature, suitable for holding events and for easy sleeping of more people 

Size 7 m in diameter.

2.000 CZK

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the premises.

From 24th of December till 2nd January the prices are 20% higher.

Accomodation in own Tents, Caravans and Mobile Homes 

Price per night

Tent small

150 CZK

Tent large 

200 CZK

Caravan, Mobile Home

250 CZK


100 CZK


60 CZK

Electrical connection

140 CZK

Adult person

100 CZK


5-12 years

50 CZK

OPERATING REGULATIONS of the Nature Center "Valley of Herons"

  1. The operating rules of the natural center relate to the reserved space for tents, caravans, log cabins, straw-clay house, tepee and possibly other buildings, which serve to accommodate people in the area of ​​the natural heron valley, operated by Intillaqta, s.r.o. with its registered office at Labská 1112/3, 290 01 Poděbrady, VAT No .: CZ07000561.
  2. Only a citizen who duly registers with the owner or manager, presents his identity card and pays the accommodation fee can be accommodated in the natural center. 
  3. The landlord may in special cases assign a guest accommodation that does not deviate substantially from the order, even if the order has been bindingly confirmed. 
  4. The order, which was confirmed by the accommodation provider, can be canceled or changed by the client without cancellation fee, at least 1 month before the announced date of arrival. In case of cancellation less than 1 month prior to arrival, the guest pays 50% of the total price.
  5. Use of the Nature Center is only permitted to citizens who are not infected with infectious or parasitic diseases, nor are they subject to increased health surveillance or quarantine. 
  6. Unless agreed otherwise, the arrival time is from 14:00. The guest is obliged to leave the accommodation unit by 10:00 a.m. on the day of his stay, and the space for tents and caravans not later than 12:00 p.m. If the guest does not meet this deadline, the landlord is entitled to charge the price of accommodation for the following day.
  7. A guest who accommodates before 6 am is required to pay the full night's stay. 
  8. Guest pays for accommodation in advance. 
  9. At the end of the stay in the accommodation unit, the guest must switch off the lights, disconnect the stove and electric kettle, close the windows and doors and hand over the key to the responsible person of the natural center.
  10. Citizens staying in the camp are obliged to ensure cleanliness and order. They can build tents and park vehicles only in designated areas.
  11. Guests are obliged to dispose of municipal waste only in designated containers at designated places. Other waste is not allowed anywhere in the campsite. 
  12. In the period from 22:00 to 8:00 it is necessary to keep the night calm. Cultural events in agreement with the owner / administrator of the natural center. 
  13. Fire can be made only in places designated for this purpose. 
  14. Washing and maintenance of motor vehicles is strictly prohibited throughout the area. It is forbidden to park vehicles in the zone of hygienic protection of the water source, even for a short time
  15. All visitors and residents of the Heron Valley Nature Center may park their motor vehicles only at designated locations, subject to the consent of the site operator. The Heron Valley Nature Center Operator reserves the right to tow a car that is parked in violation of this arrangement, that is, in a place not reserved for parking and subject to consent.
  16. It is forbidden to use own beer and limo tapping equipment, including consumption of own cask beer, except in agreement with the operator. 
  17. The guest is liable for damages caused to the property of the landlord according to generally binding regulations. 
  18. The accommodation units are not allowed to use their own electric appliances. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children unaccompanied by adults in the accommodation facility.
  19. Pets are not allowed in the nature center (unless an exception is agreed with the landlord)  
  20. The landlord is not liable for money, personal documents or other valuable things of guests, as well as for things freely postponed. 
  21. Each guest acknowledges that the natural center area is monitored by the operator's security system and therefore each guest acknowledges that it can be monitored by this system and agrees.
  22. Each guest must be familiar with these Operating Rules and is obliged to observe them. By paying for accommodation or a ticket, the guest declares that he / she has been acquainted with these Operating Rules. 
  23. The operating rules of the Heron Valley Nature Center are binding on all those staying in the complex. Any person who violates the Rules of Operation will be expelled from the natural heron valley without compensation. In the event of damage or destruction of the accommodation facility, the minimum amount of CZK 500 will be recovered from this person or according to the actual amount.
  24. In case of early termination of the stay by the guest, the landlord returns the money only on the basis of a medical report. 
  25. The guest agrees to take occasional photographs or recordings, for example during cultural, social or sporting events, unless they are used to create records of individuals or to systematically associate other personal data with the displayed or recorded persons. Captured photos or records will be used only for marketing purposes of the operator. 
  26. The campsite visitor agrees to provide the personal data necessary to register the accommodation and declares that he has provided this data voluntarily.