— Accomodation —

Natural buildings

We offer accommodation in various natural buildings, even those you haven't had a chance to try. How it feels to live there, what are their advantages, what are the smells of various building materials. How the energy flows in a standard rectangular dwelling and how in a circular building.

So that now you can choose between a log cabin, an Indian tepee and a straw-clay house. For the future we plan other natural buildings. Lets get surprised :-)

In addition, you can camp on the adjacent meadow either in your own or rented and equipped family tent. We also offer motorhome camping.

— Teambuildings —

We have experienced a lot of teambuilding activities and can create a really special program exactly tailored to your needs. In addition to the above-mentioned natural buildings, it is possible to include techniques of survival in nature and various games related to it, Indian rituals (sweat hut and others), or meditation and relaxation techniques.

Teambuilding can be focused on a specific purpose, such as harmonizing the entire team or preparing conditions for important corporate decisions.

Of course, you have the option to rent spaces and accommodation and arrange the entire program yourself. 

For more information, please contact us in person.


We prepare various courses and also we offer this beautiful space for you if you want to organize your course, seminar or event with us.

These courses are promoted through social networks and can be found on the Events page of our webpages.

We recommend to use the surrounding countryside for courses. Course participants do not have to be in contact with other visitors and the last remnants of civilization that are in our center :-) They can only use the facilities. For common sitting, exercise or meditation in classes we offer several rooms of different size in the main building and a tribal tipi. Catering can be arranged upon request.